24+ Best Magento 2 extensions Must Have

You are running a Magento 2 online stores and you are searching for suitable extensions to perfect your site. However, you find it so hard to choose among thousands of extensions. In this post, we will list 24 must have Magento 2 extensions which we highly recommend for Magento 2 stores. You will definitely choose useful ones to install for your site!

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Let’s check 24 Magento 2 must have extensions:

Magento 2 Customer Support Extensions

Live Chat

Download: https://www.livechat.com/marketplace/apps/magento-2/

In order to control messaging of your site, Live Chat by LiveChat is considered to be in the top of customer support extensions. This extension allows you to monitor and chat with users to your site, mobile app or from a specific page.


  • Monitor real-time
  • Triggers are automated
  • Widgets are customizable
  • Branding can be removed easily

Live Chat by Tawk

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-search-extension/

Mageplaza released Ajax Search extension for Magento 2 stores. With the support of this module, when shoppers type the first letter of keywords in the search box, the can see a drop-down list of results. Customers will immediately find that the search result is shown smoothly and effectively. Many advanced searching online is integrated into this extension.


  • Automatic search completely
  • The search result is displayed immediately
  • More than 10,00 SKUs are supported
  • The search result is maximized

Ajax Search by Mageplaza

Store Switcher

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-store-switcher/

Store Switcher for Magento 2 made by Mageplaza is undoubtedly one of must-have extensions for multinational companies. When you have stores in different nations, you will definitely need a tool to support your customers to change languages and currencies.This extension will enable your customers to do that.


  • Change store view automatically or manually
  • Able to choose pages to apply rules of the store view
  • Appropriate currency is automatically switches

Store Switcher by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Checkout Extensions

One Step Checkout extension

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-one-step-checkout-extension/

Out of the checkout extensions, it can be said that One Step Checkout plays the most important role. The extension designed by Mageplaza is so effective in facilitating the checkout process and is outstanding in comparison with Default Checkout.

With the help of Ajax technology, the checkout process is optimized and users no need to skip the page many times to fill the information or change incorrect one. When your site is installed with Magento 2 One Step Checkout, fields which are unnecessary will be deleted. In addition, your site will no longer show various checkout steps.

If store owners would like a module helping your site decrease the abandonment rate and raise the conversion rate, do not miss this extension.


  • The checkout page is optimized
  • Various payment methods are supported
  • Install easily
  • Easier to customize
  • Auto-suggest address

Mageplaza One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Thank You Page

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-thank-you-page/

Thank You Page for Magento 2 helps to create an informative and beautiful page to navigate customers after successful purchasing. On this page, customers can see all order-related information as well as share their orders on social channels by social share buttons right on the page. If you want to optimize your store’s checkout page, add Thank You Page to the collection of your checkout extensions.


  • Allow customizing the success page
  • Display order details
  • Allow sharing orders
  • Support cross-sell on Thank You page
  • Offer auto-generated coupons
  • Display FAQs on the page

Magento 2 Thank You Page by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Payment Extensions

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-payment-restriction/

In Magento Default, the display of payment methods is limited. Store owners can only choose to set payment methods based on some information such as Country or Order Total. They would like to add more rules of payments depending on Customer Groups, Cart Condition, Timeframe of Sales rules. Hence, Mageplaza made Magento 2 Payment Restrictions which empowers store owners to control payment method based on specific conditions. This extension is definitely necessary for your store.


  • Payment methods are restrained according to shipping methods
  • Payment methods are limited based on the product information
  • Payment methods are restricted according to the cart total
  • Risk is eliminated

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions by Mageplaza

Paypal Adaptive Payment

Download: https://store.webkul.com/magento2-marketplace-paypal-adaptive.html

Magento 2 Paypal Adaptive Payment by Webkul is an effective extension to automatically divide the payment from customers among sellers and admins. In addition, it can work with Paypal Parallel and Chained payment exactly.

Highlight Features:

  • Payment is divided into seller and admin
  • Admin can allow or disallow MP payment
  • Admin can get the commission depending on sellers
  • The extension supports (Parallel, Delayed Chained, Instant Chained) adaptive payment
  • The seller can do a full or partial refund
  • The admin can do a full or partial refund
  • The extension supports multiple sellers
  • The extension only supports Paypal API

Paypal Adaptive Payment by Webkul

Partial Payments

Download: https://marketplace.magento.com/ewave-partialinvoice.html

Partial Payment for Magento 2 developed by the eWave team allows setting up the specific amount to pay for an order or pay for multiple orders in just one payment. There are two ways of paying orders. One way, admin can control form at the backend. Another way, customers can manage from My Account storefront.

Backend features:

  • Admins are allowed to choose Partial Payment during creating an order
  • Admins are allowed to create templates for notification of paying

Frontend features:

  • Customers are allowed to choose Partial Payment
  • Shoppers are able to pay for multiple orders in one payment

Partial Payments by eWave

Magento 2 Security Extensions

Free Security

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-security/

Security extensions are undoubtedly important for e-commerce stores. Mageplaza released Security extension which is claimed to be a must-have tool to enhance the security system of any online store. With the increase in the number of hackers, store owners need to be aware of the significance of installing security module to protect your site.

When your stores are installed with Security by Mageplaza, attempts to break into your stores will be deleted. In addition, the warning system helps protect valuable information about your stores. With the support of this module, stores can be kept form hackers effectively.


  • Admins will receive a security checklist
  • Logins in a log can be tracked and recorded
  • Brute force attack is prevented
  • Admins are allowed to limit login action

Free Security by Mageplaza

Google ReCaptcha

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-google-recaptcha/

Google ReCaptcha is also one of the crucial extensions for your store’s security. The extension is developed to protect both Magento 2 stores frontend and backend from spam and bots. It requires identification when there are un-suspected break-ins to the admin account or logins to customers’ accounts from the frontend.


  • Enable invisible reCaptcha
  • Enable to add reCaptcha to various forms
  • Provide backend reCaptcha

Google ReCaptcha by Mageplaza

Two-Factor Authentication

Download: https://marketplace.magento.com/xtento-twofactorauth.html

It is the fact that passwords of stores are not secure enough. As a result, they might be hacked. When Two-Factor Authentication extension is installed to your Magento 2 stores, it will keep your backend from unauthorized logins and fraudster in the most effective way.

Two-Factor Authentication by Xtento

Magento 2 Marketing Extensions

Abandoned Cart Email

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-abandoned-cart-email/

As abandoned carts have always been a problem that any online stores have to deal with, Mageplaza designed Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email which is so effective in reducing abandonment rate. It will automatically send emails reminding customers and encourage them to turn back and make a purchase. As a result, e-commerce stores can recover a vast amount of abandoned ones and can drive sales dramatically.


  • Configure email chain flexibly
  • Generate automatic Coupons
  • Email can be personalized with ease
  • Report of improvement can be sent automatically

Abandoned Cart Email by Mageplaza

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-automatic-related-products/

When Automatic Related Product by Magaplaza is installed to Magento 2 stores, store owners are allowed to set conditions and rules as well as set regulations to show for customers products which are related to products that customers are searching. For each item, store owners are enabled to set rules limitlessly.


  • Rule-based engine shows relevant items quickly
  • Admins can create unlimited products blocks
  • Do A/B testing to choose the best rule for stores
  • Product sorting make better product management
  • Ajax loading speeds up the product searching

Automatic Related Product by Mageplaza

Follow Up Email

Download: https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/magento-2-extensions/follow-up-email

If you are looking for a wonderful extension supporting your stores’ marketing objectives, do not miss out Magento 2 Follow Up Email extensions. Stores owners will be enabled to run email campaign with conditions, sending schedules of email in the most precise way. Essentially, this extension supports a trigger event for your campaign. When admins configure particular conditions from the backend, emails will be automatically sent to customers based on those conditions.


  • Eight types of trigger events
  • Able to set event conditions
  • Email templates are built-in
  • Able to schedule for sending emails

Follow Up Email by Aheadworks

Free Shipping Bar

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-free-shipping-bar/

Mageplaza Free Shipping Bar is a useful extension for online stores to encourage customers to expand their shopping cart. Being offered free shipping, customers are more likely to buy more, and then it helps to increase online store sales significantly.


  • Show free shipping offer
  • Show relevant messages to the order
  • Support flexible design and customization

Free Shipping Bar by Mageplaza

Order Reminder

Download: https://magewares.com/order-reminder-for-magento-2.html

Magewares designed this extension to access and do marketing to your current customers. For shoppers who have not made a purchase for a while, your site will determine and reach them out by sending emails to remind and encourage them to buy with coupons or appealing promotions.

Order Reminder by Magewares


Download: https://www.omnisend.com/magento-extension/

Omisend is a great platform for E-commerce stores. E-commerce has changed every single day. With the development of technology and the change in buying habits, omnichannel marketing is becoming more necessary. Omnisend provides all in one single platform to sync your customers, orders, carts, and products with your Omnisend account automatically. One interesting feature of Omnisend is that you do not need to develop custom after installing this extension.

Highlight Features:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Boost Magento abandoned cart sales
  • Provide Facebook custom audiences and Google custom match
  • Provide flexible signup forms
  • Provide beautiful Magento email templates
  • Provide a detailed performance report

Omisend is a great platform for E-commerce stores

Magento 2 Content And Customization Extensions

Better Blog

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-blog-extension/

Along with other free extensions, Mageplaza develops Better Blog to make your site more efficient and informative with such professional beautiful blog. With support from this extension, you can create a blog on your store site without any framework such as Wordpress. Only by some simple configuration steps at the backend, your blog will be shown beautifully at the frontend with the content specified according to a specific category, topic, or tag.


  • Provide responsive design on any devices
  • Enable blog widgets
  • Provide best SEO practices
  • Support Disqus and Facebook comment
  • Allow importing data from other blogs
  • Enable social sharing buttons

Better Blog by Mageplaza


Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-faq-extension/

Mageplaza FAQ extension helps online stores to create a responsive and informative FAQ page. This is a necessary page on an e-commerce store website. Customers can search the questions conveniently by an instant search box on the Knowledge Base page. Questions are displayed in differently easy-to-follow categories, so customers can look for relevant answers quickly.


  • Provide an optimized FAQ homepage
  • Build SEO-friendly FAQ sections
  • Feature questions in separate categories
  • Provide an FAQ instant search
  • Allow admins to customize FAQ page design

FAQ by Mageplaza

Page Builder

Download: https://landofcoder.com/magento-2-page-builder.html

Landofcode Page Builder is an effective tool to create an e-commerce website without any coding. The extension supports you to create various unlimited responsive page layout as well as optimize the speed of page load time.

Besides, you can also change the design of the layout or personalize it by adding custom CSS to a page element or duplicate elements.


  • Allow visual drag n drop interface
  • Support responsive design options
  • Convert page and elements into content CMS page and content CMS block
  • Allow creating unlimited layouts

Page Builder by Landofcode

Magento 2 Sales Extensions

Generate & Import Coupon

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-better-coupon/

Using coupon code is an effective way to attract customers, then boost sales, but it also takes time and causes intricacies if stores owners have bad management. To help online stores tackle this issue, Mageplaza develops Better Coupon extension to optimize the generating and managing coupon code process. The coupon code will be generated and sent to customers automatically based on the backend configuration.


  • Instantly generating coupon
  • Auto applying coupon by link
  • Importing coupon code to CSV file

Mageplaza better coupon

Sales Reps and Dealers

Download: https://amasty.com/sales-reps-and-dealers-for-magento-2.html

Sales Reps and Dealers extension for Magento 2 assists store owners to serve customers better by including dealers in their business model. Customers can personally choose their favorite dealers and know their sales reps in person along with information about them. With this useful tool, store owners can keep track of and manage the productivity of sales reps and dealers effectively.


  • Flexibly assign customers to specific dealers
  • Allow customers to select dealers
  • View the list of assigned orders to dealers
  • Coordinate and control sales reps by notification
  • Get ready for mobile devices

Reward Points

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-reward-points-extension/

As an effective Loyalty program, Magento 2 Reward Points contributes to increasing conversion rate and boost sales significantly. The extension automatically generates point earning for customers after performing certain actions such as purchasing, reviewing or rating. Together with other Sales extensions, Reward Points is necessary for your online store to turn normal customers to loyal customers.

As being rewarded, customers will be more likely to engage with the store website. Surely, they will come back to accumulate their points as well as tend to purchase more.


  • Provide customizable points label
  • Show point spending slider
  • Set up earning/spending rules
  • Allow social sharing
  • Apply rewards for customers’ behavior
  • Allow customers to sell and accept points
  • Allow importing/exporting points

Reward Points by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Daily Deal

Download: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-daily-deal-extension/

Mageplaza Daily Deal is a great assistant for store owners to make an appealing deal of the day which retains customers and boosts sales dramatically. With this effective extension, you will not have to concern about the schedule of the daily deal to make sure it is featured to customers every day at the right time. You only need to do some simple configuration at the backend. The module automatically performs this task for you.

**Features: **

  • Show countdown timer to stimulate customers
  • Easily configure limited deals
  • Easily configure deal pages
  • Allow creating sidebar widgets

Daily Deal by Mageplaza

Final Words

Above are 24 extensions which we have considered carefully to recommend for your stores. All of these extensions own optimal features and will function well on your stores. We hope that this post helped facilitate the process of choosing suitable extensions for your site and they will help to perfect your online business.

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