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Mageplaza’s Coupon 10% OFF for first order

Mageplaza’s Coupon 15% OFF

Bundle, Combos

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Mageplaza’s Coupon 30% OFF

Mageplaza.com Free Installation Offer

Mageplaza offers free installation for customers who buy a combo or buy from 3 extensions. In this free installation service, the Mageplaza team will be in charge of installing the extensions and ensure that they run smoothly in customers’ stores. Customers will not have to worry if they are not familiar with technical areas.

Free installation service is designed to enable customers to use Mageplaza extensions at their own convenience and minimize the errors when customers install them by themselves. Though installing Mageplaza extensions for Magento 2 is not difficult at all, a simple and comprehensive guide is also available for users, it’s possible that our support will make it easier for you to streamline your Magento 2 store with a great kick-start.

This program is applicable for purchases on the Mageplaza website only and can be used with the available discounts on the orders.

Mageplaza.com Limited Offers

You can see a lot of offers on Mageplaza extensions each month, but they are limited and can end anytime. The extensions on the limited offers list are also not the same all time and are changed every month. So if you find extensions you are looking for on the list, grab the chance as soon as possible and add them to your cart before the end of offers.

There will be extensions that get discounted up to 100%. The offers are applicable for 20 purchases each module, so it’s extremely beneficial for customers who buy many extensions on the limited offers list at once.

Mageplaza.com Bundle Offers

In Mageplaza, the more you buy, the better price you get. If you buy in a bundle, you can get a significant discount on each extension you add to your bundle. Mageplaza designs a “Buy your Bundle” system to make it easier for customers to buy multiple extensions with ease and at the best price.

There are two columns in the Buy your Bundle section: Extension list with two editions (Community and Enterprise) and Your Bundle. Customers just need to drag the extensions they are going to buy to the Your Bundle columns, and their total cart will be automatically counted with the corresponding discount rate. The more extensions you add, the higher the discounts you are given.

For example, If your bundle includes B2B solutions, Affiliate, and Product Labels, the subtotal value is $953, and the discount rate is 15%, so you’ve saved $142.95 for your purchase.

Right from this Buy your Bundle section, you can add your extension bundle to the shopping cart and go to the checkout page with one click. Mageplaza guarantees the process is done in a quick amount of time and the price is calculated accurately.

Mageplaza.com Combos Offers

You can buy combos of frequently bought together extensions to get a better price. Mageplaza suggests the best combination of extensions that can work perfectly with each other to empower your store to the most potential. The extensions in a combo are the ones that can work in tandem and bring in a better performance for your store. You will get a specific percentage of discounts when buying combos. For example, buying a combo including Affiliate, One Step Checkout, and Google Tag Manager extension, you will get a 15% off for the total cart value. Actually, you can save from $150 when buying from 3 extensions.

Best combos from Magepaza include:

  • Magento 2 Affiliate, One Step Checkout, and Google Tag Manager
  • Magento 2 Ajax Search, One Step Checkout, Layered Navigation
  • Magento 2 Better Blog, Social Login Pro, SEO Pro
  • Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together, One Step Checkout, Google Tag Manager
  • Magento 2 Gift Card, One Step Checkout, Google Tag Manager
  • And more

If it takes you much time to choose which module to buy together, these suggested combos might be helpful for you.

About Mageplaza.com

Mageplaza is one of the most popular extension builders for Magento 2, with a dedicated team working in the professional and technical fields for years. Mageplaza continuously catches up with the rapid dissemination of new technology, brings in many useful solutions for Magento 2 stores, and becomes the top 1 reliable partner for customers in over 176 countries around the world.

Mageplaza not only supports you to create your own Magento 2 store but also distributes the best support and functionality for it that can hassle-freely operate and generate sales. Amongst over 231 extensions and related services included, you can find everything you need to anticipate and address any thorny conundrums you might encounter as an eCommerce business owner.

The solutions you will need to make your online business succeed:

  • Checkout Improvement: Simplify your checkout process and improve the conversion rate
  • Navigation & Search: Help customers find what they need quickly and easily
  • Sales Motivation: Up-sell/cross-sell to increase sales
  • Shipping & Fee: Add more shipping methods to motivate your customers to purchase
  • Payment Gateway: Integrate your Magento 2 store with the most popular payment methods
  • User Experience: Improve user experience at any touchpoint
  • B2B: Bring benefits to your B2B customers
  • CRO: Convert visitors into customers in different ways

All of them are designed with different extensions particularly included to help you achieve your goal one by one. Outstanding featured and also must-have extensions for any online business that Mageplaza developed include Magento 2 One Step Checkout, Magento 2 Layered Navigation, Magento 2 Reward Points, Magento 2 Affiliate, Magento 2 SEO, Magento 2 PDF Invoice, Magento 2 Product Feed, and more.

Mageplaza ensures every customer who comes with Mageplaza gets their concerns relieved with:

  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime updates
  • One-year free support
  • A quick composer installation

Mageplaza’s well-trained and dedicated support team always keeps the support professional on top. They address the issues as quickly as possible to ensure that every customer has a good experience at Mageplaza and brings home the best solution for their business.

Of the concerns about deals and discount programs, customers can get the most convenient and cost-saving way to purchase Mageplaza extensions with frequently offered discounts, recommended combos, and free installation. All the solutions are straightforward without any hidden costs.


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