Top 8+ Magento 2 Advanced Report Extensions 2018

If you are looking for Magento 2 Advanced Report extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store Advanced Report. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular Advanced Report extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

Advanced Report Extension for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions


Advanced Reports by MIRASVIT

  • Catch the in-depth analytics insight rapidly
  • Customize everything on-the-go
  • Operate all reports data without any headaches
  • Create different intuitively understandable interfaces by itself
  • Clear and intuitive interface

With Magento 2 Advanced Reports by Mirasvit, analyzing your Magento store performance indicators is just a matter of seconds. Therefore, you can get a perfect opportunity to find and take advantage of the most precise performance indicators.



Advanced Reports by AHEADWORKS

  • Reports dashboard
  • Forecast: Total widget
  • Adjustable charts
  • Compare periods
  • Dual Y-axis Charts

Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 with 13 standard and 10 extended reports which scans the orders and database tables to provide a clear view of various performance areas to the store administrator. Thus, it allows evaluating the success of e-commerce business operations.



Advanced Reports by AMASTY

  • Customize general report dashboard
  • Support 14 new report types
  • Choose columns for grid display
  • Export report data
  • Filter reports by store view

After integrating the module, you will be able to perform a deeper analysis with 14 additional report types to the default store functionality. On the main dashboard, store admin can select reports parameters that will be displayed to make it maximally informative and handy.



Advanced Reports by LANDOFCODER

  • Offer 28+ kinds of Report to control sales over a period of time
  • Explore data fast and easily
  • Divide data for different dates and days
  • Customizable chart display
  • Equip profit-calculating formula

Advanced Reports extension by Landofcoder is one of the best investigative tools that can help sellers manage their site effectively and fastly evaluate your business. It provides more than 28 report types to explore sales over time and interactive charts with visual data as well as flexible filters.



Advanced Reports by CODECANYON

  • Revenue Report
  • Customer Group Report
  • Geolocation Report
  • Sales Report
  • Bestseller Report

Magento 2 Advanced Reports from Codecayon supports you 5 report types: revenue report, geolocation report, customer group report, sales report, and bestsellers report. As a result, you can start analyzing your store performance in a blink of an eye.



Advanced Reports by MAGESOLUTION

  • Allow admin to choose the report by one or multiple stores
  • Select the report from date to date
  • Select custom date range options
  • Filter the report by order status
  • Easy to install and configure

With this Magento 2 extension, you can easily check current reports of products, customers, orders and so on with 8 report options. It comes with a clear and simple interface so that you can manage and monitor reports easily.



Advanced Reports by WEBKUL

  • Offer the ability to see the full report of every seller easily
  • Select multiple options to filter the report results
  • Allow sellers to see the full report of their sales
  • Filter sales according to categories or order status or date
  • Graphical representation of report

The module lets both seller and store owner see their store reports in a graphical representation. Besides, store administrator can see the report of a particular seller on the basis of the selected seller. Hence, it allows you to track all the sales, popular products based on your sales and top customers.



Advanced Reports by EXTO

  • Analyze all aspects of your sales
  • Notify any changes of your store
  • Analyze two time periods as wanted
  • Analyze specific dimensions in a separate view
  • Define which products’ characteristics contribute to the ultimate order decision

Exto Analytics is a free Magento 2 extension that enables accurate analysis and interpretation, forming the basis of the best strategies. This extension will be a useful tool for you to have default reports for your Magento store.


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8+ Best Magento 2 Advanced Report

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