Top 5+ Magento 2 Fraud Detection Extensions in 2021

If you are looking for Magento 2 Fraud Detection extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store Fraud Detection. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular Fraud Detection extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento 2 experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

Best 5 Fraud Detection Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by MIRASVIT

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by mirasvit

The Fraud Detection extension for Magento 2 by Mirasvit decreases chargebacks and frauds for every order. Based on the fraud score, you can easily prevent suspicious transactions as well as canceling good orders. As a result, it can help save a lot of time with the help of its own score-based algorithm.

MIRASVIT Fraud Detection highlight features

  • Evaluate every order risk score quickly
  • Allow setting a fraud score
  • Ability to access to advanced customer profiles
  • Configure fraud detection according to business requirements
  • Observe customers' social accounts

Price: $149


Magento 2 Fraud Detection by WELTPIXEL

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by weltpixel

Weltpixel MaxMind Fraud Prevention Magento 2 fraud detection extension detects fraud by checking multiple factors for each individual order based on the risk threshold you specify in the admin panel. Consequently, you can easily determine risky orders for your online store.

WELTPIXEL Fraud Detection highlight features

  • Automatically stop fraud with high score risk
  • Check all suspicious orders
  • Automatically notify users via email
  • Ability to set a risk score threshold
  • Allow viewing the detailed report of every order

Price: $99


Magento 2 Fraud Detection by MAGEWORX

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by mageworx

This tool allows you to detect shoppers' location and easily take control of accepting or declining accessing your website for different countries and specific IP addresses. Therefore, you will be able to protect your store from any fraudulent store activities without additional sign up requirements.

MAGEWORX Fraud Detection highlight features

  • Prevent your store from fraudulent activities
  • Ability to manage store access for specific countries
  • Set black and white IP lists
  • Easily identify visitors’ location
  • Show 403 Access Denied message for blacklisted IPs as well as denied locations

Price: $0


Magento 2 Fraud Detection by PLUGINCOMPANY

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by plugincompany

The Fraud Prevention & Blacklist extension brings you an effective fraud prevention solution by controlling and managing fraud suspicion orders in the back-end easily. Moreover, this extension also allows you to create blacklisting rules for certain customer group and store view.

PLUGINCOMPANY Fraud Detection highlight features

  • Ability to manage suspicious and blacklisted orders in the back-end
  • Set your own blacklisting rules based on various customer attributes
  • Automatically prevent fraudulent actions
  • Allow blacklisting customer accounts and guest visitors as wish
  • Hide the payment section during checkout

Price: $69


Magento 2 Fraud Detection by FRAUDLABSPRO

Magento 2 Fraud Detection by fraudlabspro

This FraudLabs Pro plugin helps merchants prevent their online stores from risks of being attacked by dangerous fraudsters. By validating all factors such as geolocation, blacklist, proxy, credit card, email and so on, you can get more control over fraud actions.

FRAUDLABSPRO Fraud Detection highlight features

  • Analyze and identify fraud orders
  • Customize validation rules
  • Send email notifications to users
  • Include detailed reports of all orders
  • Easy to download and setup

Price: $0


List of Best Magento 2 extension - Must have in 2021

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