Top 9+ Magento 2 Help Desk Extensions 2018

If you are looking for Magento 2 Help Desk extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store Help Desk. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular Help Desk extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

Help Desk Extension for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions



  • Allow admins to create a ticket for the customer
  • After certain days, if there is no response from customers, the ticket will be auto-closed
  • Let admins assign the ticket to anybody from their team
  • Ability to manage the ticket system for admins
  • Enable admins to get the email notification when customers submit a ticket

Offering the satisfaction for your customers, Help Desk extension is a perfect choice for every shop owner. Thanks to this useful module, your customers can reach out your supporters if they must face some technical issues. Besides, admins also manage the ticket system effectively.



Help Desk by VNECOMS

  • Enable admins to manage ticket departments, email gateways
  • Ability to manage spam emails and responses
  • Offer the ability to support rest API
  • Easy to manage all tickets from the mobile

With the help of Help Desk extension, it supports your customers to reach with the technical team from the provider where they purchase the products or services. The customers easily create a ticket to the ticket departments and of course, admins can manage all tickets effectively.



Help Desk by MIRASVIT

  • Allow admins to add some notes regarding customer's issues
  • Provide the capability of managing the ticket system easily
  • Ability to add the surveys to the customers about the satisfaction
  • Auto-close the ticket if there is no response from customers

Bring the customer's satisfaction is an essential factor that every shop owner always wishes. Help Desk extension is one of the best tools to you carry out this. It enables your customers to submit a ticket to the technical team quickly. Of course, admins also manage them effectively and they can assign a ticket to anybody who includes in his/her team.




  • Support a friendly interface
  • Ability to control the ticket system
  • Let customers generate a ticket quickly
  • The ability to auto-close tickets when there's no reply from your customers

We are happy to introduce you Help Desk extension by Aheadwork that helps you improve the customer's loyalty and increase the sales for your online store. Due to this module, store owners can allow their customers to create a ticket to the technical team who will handle all issues. Plus, admins can also manage the ticket system conveniently via this system.



Help Desk by EXTO

  • Support handle all tickets in the shortest way
  • Offer a note-to-ticket function that allows external agents to view comments
  • Let admins control and assign the ticket system easily
  • Intuitive design supported

To enhance the customer service for your e-commerce store, Help Desk extension by Exto is a great selection. It helps your customers reach the technical team as well as resolve the problems regarding issues, queries, complaints, etc. This will improve the customer's loyalty to your site. Also, this module helps admins control the ticket department effectively.



Help Desk by WEBKUL

  • Allow registered users to create a ticket to the system
  • Include the filter option to search a ticket easily
  • Ability to show the ticket's detailed information by using labels and statuses
  • Enable admins to manage effectively the ticket system

As an amazing tool that helps improve the customer service on your store, Help Desk extension is developed by Webkul to be for you. Thanks to this extension, admins can quickly manage the tickets from the system. Besides that, if there's no reply from your customers, the ticket will be closed automatically after setting certain days. Don't miss this module for integration to your store!



Help Desk by MAGEBUZZ

  • Ability to collect all tickets from many sources
  • Allow admins to assign tickets to other people who include their team
  • Provide the capability of controlling the performance of all members
  • For the inactive tickets, an auto-closed feature supported

As a bridge to connect with customers and the support team, Help Desk extension by Magebuzz offers many benefits for both customers and store owners. It helps customers reach out the support team in the shortest time. Besides that, with this module, shop owners can manage the ticket system easily and conveniently. Also, they can hear all comments from the customers about their products and services.




  • Ability to generate and reply the customer's ticket via email
  • Allow adding the file attachment to the ticket
  • Easy to set priority and status for each ticket
  • Allow viewing and checking the ticket history

Designed with a user-friendly interface, Help Desk extension easily is the first choice for every store owner. With the support of it, your customers can create a ticket to the system and they can set the priority as well as the status of their ticket. Moreover, it also helps admins collect all complaints, queries, issues, etc from their customers and of course, admins can assign each ticket to their members of the support team.



Help Desk by MAGEARRAY

  • Enable customers to create and track their tickets
  • Ability to set the priority of the ticket
  • Easy to set the email template from the backend
  • Let admins assign the ticket to any member of their team

It's time for every shop owner to choose Help Desk extension for their Magento 2 store. It's a bridge for store owners and customers to connect each other. The ticket system will resolve all issues that the customers must face their site. Via this module, your customers can approach with the support team quickly and easily.


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9+ Best Magento 2 Help Desk

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