Top 11+ Magento 2 Pre Order Extensions in 2021

If you are looking for Magento 2 Pre Order extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store Pre Order. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular Pre Order extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento 2 experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

Best 11 Pre Order Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Pre-order by MAGEPLAZA

Magento 2 Pre Order by mageplaza

Mageplaza Magento 2 Pre order extension supports customers to order unavailable products such as upcoming items or out-of-stock items. With the help of the module, the customers can continue to finish the checkout process with unavailable items easily.

MAGEPLAZA Pre-order highlight features

  • Apply preorder/ backorder on any types of products
  • Condition-based for pre-order applications
  • Set notification for Pre-order
  • Allow showing the Expected Available Date
  • Ability to modify all types of labels
  • Display on the order confirm email with noticed
  • Display on Mageplaza PDF Invoice with pre-order notices
  • Allow managing pre-orders easily

Price: $


Magento 2 Pre Order by AMASTY

Magento 2 Pre Order by amasty

Amasty Pre Order Magento 2 extension helps customers pre-order or backorder products they want. The tool enables store owners to easily identify which out-of-stock items are popular with their customers and should be restocked in advance.

AMASTY Pre Order highlight features

  • Allow pre-ordering available products in the store as well as backorder out of stock goods
  • Filter pre-orders in the order grid
  • Replace the ‘Add to Cart’ with the ‘Pre-Order’ button
  • Notify customers about stock statuses of pre-ordered items
  • Support different product types

Price: $149


Magento 2 Pre Order by WEBKUL

Magento 2 Pre Order by webkul

With the support of this Magento 2 Pre-order extension, clients can easily pre-order products which are not yet available for delivery on the online store. Besides, they will receive an automatic email notification when a product is released.

WEBKUL Pre Order highlight features

  • Allow customers to pre-order out of stock products
  • Show free pre-order note on the product page
  • Automatically inform buyers via email when a product is available
  • Enable the admin to choose email template for in-stock notification
  • Support simple, virtual, and configurable product types

Price: $89


Magento 2 Pre Order by MAGEWORX

Magento 2 Pre Order by mageworx

By installing the Mageworx Pre-Order/Backorder for Magento 2, your customers will be able to get their desired items although they are not available in stock. Thus, it helps encourage customers to buy more products in your store, increase revenue, and then get attract more loyal clients.

MAGEWORX Pre Order highlight features

  • Pre-order upcoming and out of stock products
  • Send customer notifications when a product is back in stock
  • Ability to replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the ‘Pre-order’ button
  • Allow creating notes to notify shoppers about product availability
  • Add regular and pre-order products to the cart

Price: $125


Magento 2 Pre Order by BSSCOMMERCE

Magento 2 Pre Order by bsscommerce

Offered by Bsscommerce, Magento 2 Pre-Order extension gives you the opportunity to book out-of-stock goods you desire. Therefore, shop owners can manage the online store successfully by satisfying customers’ different demands.

BSSCOMMERCE Pre Order highlight features

  • Pre-order products that are out of stock or coming soon
  • Add both regular and pre-order items to the cart
  • Replace Add to Cart button by Pre-Order button
  • Display notifications about pre-order products on the product page
  • Allow store owners to manage pre-orders in the backend

Price: $59


Magento 2 Pre Order by AITOC

Magento 2 Pre Order by aitoc

This extension comes with helpful features that allow store visitors to pre-order simple, configurable, virtual, bundle, grouped, and downloadable products. As a store owner, you can easily get more control over all pre-orders and quickly inform customers about the exact date of product availability.

AITOC Pre Order highlight features

  • Make pre-orders of unavailable items
  • Notify customers when products are available
  • Determine the exact date of item arrival
  • Stop customers adding both pre-orders and regular items in cart
  • Support all product types

Price: $125


Magento 2 Pre Order by EXTAIT

Magento 2 Pre Order by extait

The module is very useful for products which are about to be released in the store. Customers can easily make purchases for products that are out-of-stock as well as coming soon in advance. By this way, merchants can collect informative data about their customers' needs and boost more sales.

EXTAIT Pre Order highlight features

  • Ability to pre-order out of stock products
  • Allow setting the number of products that are available for pre-order
  • Keep track of all the orders by their types
  • Enable customers to add mixed orders in one cart
  • Support for simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable, and bundle products

Price: $115


Magento 2 Pre Order by CEDCOMMERCE

Magento 2 Pre Order by cedcommerce

Provided by CedCommerce, the Pre-Order extension gives customers a chance to pre-order products that are presently out of stock in the store. As a result, it helps attract more customers to make more purchases and decrease bounce rate on the Magento site.

CEDCOMMERCE Pre Order highlight features

  • Enable customers to pre-order out of stock products easily
  • Accept orders and deliver products when they are available
  • Allow customers to view the expected delivery date of products they want
  • Edit the tier pricing for a particular product
  • Easily download and install

Price: $99


Magento 2 Pre Order by MCONNECTMEDIA

Magento 2 Pre Order by mconnectmedia

With this amazing Magento 2 pre-order extension, buyers absolutely pre-order items which are either out of stock or yet to be launched in the online store. You can take full advantage of features that this tool provides to manage your upcoming campaign efficiently.

MCONNECTMEDIA Pre Order highlight features

  • Allow to pre-order and pay for desired products in advance
  • Display “Pre-order” button on the product and category pages
  • Automatically send notifications to customers
  • Add 'Pending Pre-Order' and 'Processing Pre-Order' for setting statuses for pre-ordered items
  • Sort orders by Pre-Order/Back-Order status

Price: $30


Magento 2 Pre Order by LANDOFCODER

Magento 2 Pre Order by landofcoder

If you are finding a tool for products which are out of stock or going to come soon, gives the Magento 2 Preorder by Landofcoder a try. Using this extension, you can meet customers’ demands with an awesome marketing research tool easily.

LANDOFCODER Pre Order highlight features

  • Purchase products that are coming soon/out of stock
  • Send email notifications to customers
  • Replace ‘Add to Cart’ button with ‘Pre-order’ one
  • Add a custom message to display on the product page
  • Allow customers to pay for the product full or partial payment

Price: $139


Magento 2 Pre Order by CMSIDEAS

Magento 2 Pre Order by cmsideas

This Pre Order for Magento 2 enables you to purchase in advance and pre-order the products from the online store. Hence, you can receive profit even from products that are yet unavailable and increase customers' loyalty.

CMSIDEAS Pre Order highlight features

  • Let customers buy out-of-stock products
  • Display 'Pre Order' button instead of 'Add to Cart' button
  • Easily view pre-orders on the orders grid
  • Allow the admin to manage the extension
  • Support all types of products

Price: $59


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