Top 11+ Magento 2 Product Labels Extensions in 2021

If you are looking for Magento 2 Product Labels extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store Product Labels. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular Product Labels extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento 2 experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

Best 11 Product Labels Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Labels by MAGEPLAZA

Magento 2 Product Labels by mageplaza

Mageplaza Product Labels extension has the ability to encourage your customer’s purchasing decisions. The module will attach colorful labels on each product whenever the store has any special campaigns or promotions. The attention from the mesmerizing badges will help to boost the store’s sale significantly. Furthermore, flexible customization is also available for admins to design freely and instantly.

MAGEPLAZA Product Labels highlight features

  • Attractive premade label
  • Have label for Best-seller items
  • Use variables to modify label messages easily
  • Apply product labels based on rules
  • Design the product label freely

Price: $


Magento 2 Product Labels by AMASTY

Magento 2 Product Labels by amasty

Product Labels by Amasty is a user-friendly interface with the ability to set different conditions. It has a lot of cool labels out of the box for free. This tool helps you to attract more visitors for your special deals and offers. It is very useful for promo campaigns. Do not miss this module if you are looking for a great product labels extension.

AMASTY Product Labels highlight features

  • Offer six packs of ready-made labels
  • Design impressive labels easily with available shapes
  • Watch the changes in the preview on the fly
  • Easily select to place labels with one click
  • Label messages can customize by using variables

Price: $129


Magento 2 Product Labels by FMEEXTENSIONS

Magento 2 Product Labels by fmeextensions

This extension from Fmeextensions seeks the benefits of you as well as your customers. By adding creative labels to products, you can attract customers' attention and help them to keep remember any offers. With labels, your customers can easily draw a distinction between the products that are set on sale and the rest. You will gain many benefits after installing this extension.

FMEEXTENSIONS Product Labels highlight features

  • Allow showing text and an image label on products
  • Can display labels on specific products by setting different conditions
  • Configure labels settings separately for product and catalog view
  • Enable prioritization to display multiple labels
  • Arrange the labels for a time period

Price: $89


Magento 2 Product Labels by MIRASVIT

Magento 2 Product Labels by mirasvit

This extension from Mirasvit works well for your Magento 2 website with so many features. By using different images for labels, you can emphasize items simply. It helps you make product labels easier, and your website is more attractive to customers than before. This extension is a great tool what you are looking for.

MIRASVIT Product Labels highlight features

  • Allow you to announce any type of special conditions
  • Can stress any type of discounts by using customized images
  • Build rules For Managing Promotions
  • Backend interface is flexible to control all labels
  • Create and handle placeholders quickly

Price: $99


Magento 2 Product Labels by WEBKUL

Magento 2 Product Labels by webkul

Product labels in Magento 2 from Webkul is the best choice for store owners. It will surely increase your sales by showing labels on the product. You can post the design for custom image badges and much more. This is a wonderful extension for any website.

WEBKUL Product Labels highlight features

  • Boost sales with interactive product labels
  • Be suitable for all custom Magento 2 templates
  • Can create a maximum number of product labels
  • The ability to modify the product labels
  • Easy to manage from the Magento 2 admin

Price: $29


Magento 2 Product Labels by MAGEBEES

Magento 2 Product Labels by magebees

Adding labels to your store is a great way to catch customers' attention to buy products. With this extension, you can create so many labels for highlight products. In addition, it is easy to set up any kinds of product labels on different positions.

MAGEBEES Product Labels highlight features

  • Can create multiple labels for highlight products
  • Enable filtering labels by the products, categories
  • Enable setting label priorities
  • Admin can control label dimensions separately
  • Can manage different label positions

Price: $50


Magento 2 Product Labels by MAGEANTS

Magento 2 Product Labels by mageants

Magento 2 Product Labels extension from Mageants runs well. It has eye-catching labels and helps your store attract customers' attention. On purchasing this extension, you can take full advantages of it such as free lifetime updates, 30 days money back guarantee or support quickly.

MAGEANTS Product Labels highlight features

  • Add any product label stickers on your website
  • Add custom product labels to describe the uniqueness of them
  • Can post images for creating custom sticker designs
  • Enable or disable the extension easily
  • Can select the labels according to your preference

Price: $69


Magento 2 Product Labels by SWISSUPLABS

Magento 2 Product Labels by swissuplabs

The Product Labels extension by Swissuplabs is a great tool to create product labels. With this tool, you can add visually-appealing labels on the catalog and create the maximum number of labels for products. It will help your store increase sales and enhance the website conversion.

SWISSUPLABS Product Labels highlight features

  • Catch your customers' attention with product labels
  • Stress special offerings with a discount, in stock and out of stock items
  • Change the label display for separate category and product pages
  • Enable designing unique labels based on product attributes
  • Make labels display friendly on mobile

Price: $79


Magento 2 Product Labels by SOLWININFOTECH

Magento 2 Product Labels by solwininfotech

The Product labels extension from Solwininfotech provides an easy way to create labels. With many features from this extension, you can draw customers' attention to special offers and products. It helps your store increase sales and improves the inventory management.

SOLWININFOTECH Product Labels highlight features

  • Provide the customizable interface
  • Can display different types of labels
  • Add the limitless number of labels from the backend
  • The ability to modify the text and image of label anytime
  • Can put the label in six positions

Price: $79


Magento 2 Product Labels by BSSCOMMERCE

Magento 2 Product Labels by bsscommerce

This is a wonderful choice for an online website. It is cheap among many extensions and easy to use. By using this extension, your customers will certainly pay more attention to your products with eye-catching stickers. Magento 2 Product Labels from Bsscommerce is your must-have extension.

BSSCOMMERCE Product Labels highlight features

  • Allow admin to add the product label to any products
  • Can post images for different label types
  • Can put the sticker at 4 positions on product
  • Display the product label on the page

Price: $35


Magento 2 Product Labels by MAGERIPS

Magento 2 Product Labels by magerips

With reasonable price and multiple features, Product Labels by Magerips will help your store attract customers' attention, increase sales and improve brand identity. You should choose this tool for your own store.

MAGERIPS Product Labels highlight features

  • Allow adding eye-catching labels into the product
  • Can put the label on 1 of 9 locations on the product
  • Enable customing text in each product label
  • The ability to create rules and conditions

Price: $39


List of Best Magento 2 extension - Must have in 2021

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