Top 11+ Magento 2 SMTP Extensions 2018

If you are looking for Magento 2 SMTP extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store SMTP. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular SMTP extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

SMTP Extension for Magento 2

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  • The ability to log all emails which are sent, including email content and email status
  • Easily fix email delivery problems by using the extensions built-in email log
  • Clean the E-Mail log automatically after X days
  • Configure per store view
  • Comprise ready-to-use configuration for more than 27 popular providers

This extension by Xtento is easy to install and configure with maximum features. It lets you take full control over email sending settings in Magento 2. By using this extension, you will have the ability to connect your store to your preferred email provider securely as well as use the extensions built-in testing functionality.




  • Support more than 20 SMTP email service providers
  • Verify back email displaying by customer views
  • Reduce the maximum risk the email go to Spam box
  • Fill Host, Port, Authentication, and Protocol after choosing SMTP Provider automatically
  • Provide three kinds of Protocol: None, SSL and TLS

The extension integrates seamlessly into Magento 2 environment with easy installation and configuration. SMTP extension by Mageplaza will give you more chances to control the customization and running test section. Thus your emails will approach customer successfully up to 99%. This is a great extension for every store.




  • Very easy to set up SMTP Host
  • The ability to select various Host Providers
  • Enable seeing success messages for test emails
  • Allow receivers to get the mail successfully
  • Notify when emails are successful or failed to

This extension will meet your expectations with many features. This tool allows you to set up SMTP servers and select various service providers. Especially, the admin will be able to send a test email to check whether the configuration is working correctly or not.




  • Control the sending of all emails
  • Configure the custom SMTP server or use 12 preset providers
  • Fix errors without reconsidering all the settings
  • Indicate settings for multiple websites and store views
  • Check the current status of the email whether it was sent successfully or not

This tool by Amasty works pretty well, and it is very easy to install and configure. It allows for additional security and extends email marketing management possibilities a lot with 12 preset providers. It also gives you a chance to test emails with the debug mode. If you need to use SMTP, please try to integrate this handy tool.




  • Configure the custom SMTP server or use more than 28 preset providers
  • Run a test before sending out the mail
  • The ability to create and manage backlist
  • Send the message from different emails such as transactional email, order email, support email
  • Add content to mark as spam in the spam information section

By using the extension from Landofcoder, you can choose to send reliable emails from a local hosting or custom SMTP server. It allows you to log all sent email and view messages in detail. In addition, you can add content simply to mark as spam in the spam information section. This extension would be the best choice for your store.




  • Track all sent emails
  • Pre-defined settings for popular SMTP service providers
  • Enable testing connection and emails sending
  • Send email quickly
  • Control the sending of all emails

Mageside SMTP extension is the best tool if you want to have a solution to contact the developer. The extension provides you with maximum features to control the sending of all emails. This extension works fine, and you should choose it for your store.




  • Notify whether sent emails will be successful or failed
  • Save the data on the server safely and securely
  • The opportunity to use reliable email providers
  • Send emails straight to the inbox
  • Easy to configure SMTP

With this extension by Neklo, you will be able to easily configure SMTP for your Magento 2 and send your emails securely with any custom server required. These emails will be sent to customers and you will be notified when emails are successful or failed.




  • Configure the custom SMTP server or use 12 pre-defined providers
  • Enable logging all test settings and emails
  • The ability to choose connection security and test connection before sending the mail
  • Set time to delete sent emails and debug log automatically
  • View all sent emails from a backend grid

This tool is easy to install and configure. With this tool from Ulmod, you can take full control over SMTP settings and run tests before sending out the mail. In addition, it allows you to protect customer's emails carefully.




  • Configure the custom SMTP server or use some providers
  • Configure settings such as server address, port and security settings
  • Allow third-party SMTP server to send emails to customers
  • Easy to configure through Magento backend platform
  • Prevent deliverability issues

This extension from Smartappsolution is a perfect solution to send emails to customers correctly and has been tested by many big brand Magento 2 retailers. You will not regret when using this extension.




  • Easy to customize port and connection
  • Easy to access and install
  • Allow sending email marketing directly to customers
  • Take control of the server which settings for sending Magento emails
  • Support open source code

The SMTP extension by Emizentech is the most useful extension for the users and customers. With users, they have the ability to control the server settings by using the personalized email server. And the consumers can send emails directly to customized server settings. If you are looking for a good SMTP solution, do not forget to choose it.




  • Support available to answer your emails when you need
  • Support cloud-based email and APIs
  • Maximum tasks of email delivery
  • Allow sending the report

This extension from Sendgrid is a combination between your store and Sendgrid account. It is easy for you to do complicated tasks of email delivery quickly and correctly. Do not hesitate to install this tool if you are looking for a good SMTP extension.


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11+ Best Magento 2 SMTP

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