Top 4+ Magento 2 WePay Payment Method Extensions 2018

If you are looking for Magento 2 WePay Payment Method extensions, you’ve found the right place. When it comes to building an e-commerce website on Magento 2, you may need to equip your online store WePay Payment Method. We provide a hand-picked list of the most popular WePay Payment Method extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magento experts and manually arranged based on no specific criteria.

WePay Payment Method Extension for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions


WePay Payment Method by MAGECOMP

  • Easy to accept credit cards and bank accounts
  • Provide secured and faster payments
  • Redirect customers to WePay Payment Gateway
  • Easily download and install

Launched by MageComp, WePay extension helps you accept payments from credit cards and bank accounts by using WePay Payment Gateway. Therefore, your transactions providing for your customers on your site will become more convenient.



WePay Payment Method by POLACIN

  • Accept credit card payments by using WePay
  • Ability to redirect customers to the secure hosted pay page
  • Provide the secure checkout process
  • Support refund online
  • Support multi stores

This module supports major credit cards and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. And also, it can redirect the customers to the secure hosted pay page through WePay’s servers, which lets you leverage the secure payment process.



WePay Payment Method by SELLXED

  • Provide the Hidden Authorization
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, and web-banking payment methods
  • Support capturing, cancellation, and refund
  • Offer unrestricted time license
  • Easy to install and manage

Due to the WePay Payment Extension by Sellxed, the transaction management on your web store become easier with the support of capture, cancellation, and refund features. This helps simplify the payment process and provide your customers with a better shopping experience.



WePay Payment Method by WOOCOMMERCE

  • Support major debit and credit cards from shoppers
  • Protect servers to process payments and avoid PCI headaches
  • Offer different checkout methods (on-site, off-site, and iframe)
  • Allow the admin to enable/disable the module
  • Support all product types

If you are going to choose WePay to process your business payment, give Better WePay Payment Gateway by WooCommerce a try. This module can accept credit card and bank account payments through WePay quickly, which helps you gain the trust of more shoppers.


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4+ Best Magento 2 WePay Payment Method

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